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Growing up, Pesach (Passover) was the most exciting of holidays. Everything new, everything shiny, everything so different. Busy women running about, preparing their homes for the holiday, as if racing against time. The pleasant smell of fresh linen, clean towels, and new tablecloths, announcing the promise of spring. The sweet aroma of matzah baking, whetting our taste buds, reminding us of Pesach delicacies. The anticipation of spending the holiday with cousins, aunts, and uncles, and showing off our knowledge at the Seder table.

How do we recapture that excitement and emotional high? How can we once again rejoice in the purity of that childhood celebration of Pesach? So busy we are dealing with job obligations, family responsibilities, and the complexities of modern life? The answer lies in our willingness to open our hearts, change our attitude, and embrace the old with a new, fresh, and energized attitude of curiosity, pride, and willingness to learn.

MazorGuide's Jewish Holiday's Guide is dedicated to enrich the Pesach site year round. Though we begin with a meager collection of articles about this wonderful holiday, it is just the beginning. We also take this opportunity to invite all of you out there that wish to contribute family stories, traditions, and customs to do just that. All entries will be reviewed and posted, provided of course, they meet with Mazornet, Inc. guidelines.

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The Ten Plagues of Egypt - a Passover (Pesach) brings you much more about the holiday, its meaning and its traditions... See the links below.


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