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Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) occurs each Friday just prior to sundown and lasts through Saturday, until nightfall Saturday night. In practice, this 25-hour weekly occurrence emphasizes restraint from physical work and labor. It allows man time to rest from a long arduous work-week, and to re-strengthen himself fro the next week. However, Shabbat is much more than this. It is a frame of mind as well as a cause for celebration.

The first mention of Shabbat occurs in Genesis 2:1, just following the story of creation.

“On the seventh day, G-d completed his work that he did. He rested on the seventh day from the work that he did. He blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, for on it, he rested from all the work that G-d created to make.”

Principally, Shabbat is a celebration of creation itself, as well as an acknowledgement of G-d as the ruler of creation. By resting from work, we can more readily appreciate God’s handiwork and allow nature, and, perhaps, even technology, to work for us, instead o\f our providing the work.

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