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Kosher for Passover Cookbooks
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The Complete Passover Cookbook
Frances R. Avrutick / Hardcover / Published 1981 In 19 chapters, spiced with history and laced with lore, the author shows how to make every Passover dish a succulent delight--from tempting hors d'oeuvresto elegant main dishes to luscious desserts and pastries.

Let My People Eat! : Passover Seders Made Simple
Zell Schulman, Herbert Bronstein / Hardcover  The first Passover Seder cookbook that not only takes readers through the ceremony, but also features six Seder menus to suit individual religious backgrounds, diets, budgets, and time constraints, "Let My People Eat!" really does make Passover Seders simple. Includes a chapter on kosher wines and food pairings. 20 line drawings.

The New York Times Passover Cookbook : More Than 200 Holiday Recipes from Top Chefs and Writers
Linda Amster(Editor), Linda Armster (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1999 At last, from the paper of culinary record, comes a treasure trove of more than 200 recipes that celebrate the delicious festivity of the Passover table. Compiled from Times articles spanning almost fifty years, The New York Times Passover Cookbook represents Jewish cuisine from all over the world.

No Cholesterol Passover Recipes
Debra Wasserman, Janet Steinberg (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1995

Passover Desserts
Penny Wantuck Eisenberg / Hardcover / Published 1996 Passover dessert no longer means dry sponge cake and flavorless macaroons. Penny Eisenberg has created 50 delicious dessert recipes, all using Passover-approved ingredients such as potato flour, matzo meal, and Passover chocolate, that taste as good as they look. 35 line drawings.

Passover Lite Kosher Cookbook
Gail Ashkanazi-Hankin, Gail Ashkanazi Hankin / Hardcover / Published 1996
The author provides a wide range of recipes--from those handed down for generations to those less traditional--and transforms them with a lighter, lower-fat approach. An overview of time-saving tips and general cooking advice will make Passover cooking easier and cooking the rest of the year healthier.

The Passover Table : New and Traditional Recipes for Your Seders and the Entire Passover Week 
Susan R. Friedland, Penina (Photographer) / Paperback / Published 1999 "...written with detailed explanations of the hows and whys of the Passover rituals...The Passover Table is sure to become a classic guidebook to the joys of a distinctive and delicious culinary tradition."

The Ten Plagues of Egypt - a Passover (Pesach) brings you much more about the holiday, its meaning and its traditions... See the links below.

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