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The Passover Seder Plate
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The Passover Seder plate contains foods that have special meaning

  1. Charoset
    A mixture of chopped walnuts, wine, cinnamon and apples that represents the mortar the Jewish slaves used to assemble the Pharaoh's bricks
  2. Chazeret
    Freshly grated horseradish reflects the bitter affliction of slavery
  3. Karpas
    Potatoes, Onions, or Parsley dipped in salt water, reminding us of the bitter tear our ancestors shed while being enslaved in Egypt.
  4. Betza (Egg)
    The egg is often metaphoric in usage. Like the egg that hardens the more one boils it, so do the people of Israel strengthen their commitment the more challenging the situation. The round shape of the egg also reminds us of the cycle of life.
  5. Zro-a (Bone Shank)
    Symbolic of the sacrificial lamb offering, the bone can come from whatever the family is eating, such as the leg bone of a roasted turkey
  6. Maror (Romaine Lettuce)
    Literally bitter Maror also reflects the bitter affliction of slavery

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