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Building Your Own Menorah
By: Rivka C. Berman, Contributor
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Chanukah Menorah

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Beautiful Menorahs at a range of prices can be purchased in Judaica shops and on the web, but sometimes, a handcrafted menorah, constructed and built by you or your children spread the light of Chanukah ten fold.

If you want to make a Chanukiyah that from scratch, here are several ways to go about it! 

      · Builder's Special
      · The L'Chaim Version
      · Simple and Elegant
      · Seaside Special

Builder's Special
      · 9 nuts " diameter
      · 1 ceramic tile - such as a 12" square
      · 2 ceramic tiles, 1"x1" each
      · Glue gun and glue sticks

      · Glue eight nuts in a straight line on the large tile. These will be the candleholders.
       · Glue two 1" tiles together mount this stack on the larger tile.
       · Glue a nut on top of this tile stack. This will be the shamash, service candleholder.

L'Chaim Version
      · 9 sturdy shot glasses
      · 1 coffee mug

      · Line up eight shot glasses in a row on a heatproof surface.
      · Turn a coffee mug upside down.
      · Place the final shot glass on top of the mug.
      · Fill the shot glasses that are in the row with oil and floating wicks.
      · The shot glass on the mug will be the shamash, service candle, space.

Simple and Elegant  
      · 8 votive candles, all the same size, in glass cups
      · 28 votive refills
      · 8 long candles
      · 1 candlestick

      · Buy eight votive candles and place them in a line on a heatproof surface.
      · Set one long candle in the candleholder.
      · Viola, a bed-Bath-and-Beyond worthy menorah. (Light one candle on the first night. Add the refills as needed.)

Seaside Special  
      · 9 nice sized shells that are wide enough to collect Chanukah candle wax
      · 1 larger shell to act as shamash, service candle, base
      · Glue gun
      · Glue
      · Long piece of driftwood

      · Glue eight shells in a row on the driftwood.
      · Glue the larger shell ridge-side down at one end of the driftwood.
      · Mount the last shell to act as a shamash candleholder.

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