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Living Jewish

What does Living Jewish mean? There are dramatically different ideas about how a Jewish life may be lived. Orthodox Judaism adheres to the traditions of yore, the Conservative movement believes that some laws may be changed with time, and the Reform leave it up to the individual to choose the traditions they wish to follow. There are a variety of practices between Judaism’s branches, and a myriad of traditions, customs, and quirky modes of observances. What does a Jewish wedding make? What is the essence of a Bar Mitzvah. And, how do the different branches view circumcision, same-gender unions, and the ideal of Zionism.

Mazornet and Jewish Celebrations are not embracing any one ideology. Rather the Living Jewish channel moves across boundaries of modern Judaism, and demonstrates how it is lived. Jewish life cycle celebrations and rituals are examined, with old traditions explained and new customs explored. All branches of Judaism are represented, affording you the reader a deeper understanding of details, traditions, and what it means to be Jewish, as well as an opportunity to discover your own place within our rich heritage.

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So what is the difference between Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Post-Denominational?
  -Reform Platform
  -Orthodox Overview
  -Conservative Platform
  -More to come

The right to call oneself Jewish is a bone of contention - between the branches of Judaism. Coming soon.

The story of Reb Yosef, though a personal one, is a story related to around the globe. Reb Yosef, who reclaimed the heritage he was denied, tells his story, and answers your questions. Read More

Read insightful and introspective observations about the books of Tanakh (entire Jewish bible). From Torah, to Neviim, to Ketuvim. Though, we begin with the Torah Weekly Portions first. Click Here

The underlying philosophy to eating Kosher is not health-related as many suspect, rather it is a proclamation of traditional Judaism’s view on how a Jew should live his or her life. Exploring Kosher

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