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While waiting to pick up my little boy from a local Jewish Community Center playgroup, a teenager walked by, wearing a tee-shirt with a message that sent a chill through my veins.  In large bold letters it claimed:  "Bad has arrived and is here to stay." 

Following my initial reaction, I wondered about the accuracy of the statement, and what it is we do or can do to combat it.    "Bad may be here," I thought, "but so is goodness, decency, compassion, charity and self-sacrifice."  In fact, if "good" has its way, "bad" will be dispelled, and the power of evil shattered.    Hence, the idea to promote acts of kindness and generosity.  And what better way, than in sharing stories about women who inspire us, spark our imagination and propel us to action.

To share a story about a woman who is your inspiration, please write to
We will include all contributions that are deemed appropriate and are in the spirit of our site.  (We reserve the right to edit the articles sent in, but by no means will we change content.)

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