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Dating Tips
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Whether you aim to impress your date, or just looking to have fun. Perhaps you're looking for the perfect place to share a heart-to-heart, or seeking an intellectual or cultural environment to set the tone.

Where do we go?
What do we do?
So many places to go and see, so much to do.
Heard that a million times, haven’t you? Sure you have.
Believe it? Absolutely.

Dining out has always been popular. A restaurant is the perfect setting for getting acquainted. The food is always there to fill in those silent moments, and often serves as an ice breaker - a conversation opener.
A variety of Kosher Restaurants - formal and informal - have opened nationwide.

Click here for the New Interactive Kosher Restaurant Guide

Of course, eating out is only one activity of many.

The following may give you some other ideas.
So far we've compiled suggestions for New York
Your ideas and suggestions are welcome

Sightseeing - Museums - Comedy Clubs - Billiard Parlors - Other Activities

Central Park 830 5th Avenue 212-360-8111
Manhattan Urban Park Rangers 64th Street off East Drive 212-427-4040
Central Park Zoo 64th Street & 5th Avenue 212-439-6500
The Carousel 65th Street & Central Park West 212-879-0244
The Sheep Meadow 66th St to 69th Street on the W. Side  
Strawberry Fields West 72nd to 74th Street  
Loeb Boat House 74th & 75th Street near 5th Avenue 212-517-2233
Conservatory Gardens 105th St and 5th Avenue  
Belvedere Castle 79th St. at Mid Park  
The Great Lawn 80th-85th at Mid Park  
The Resorvoir 86th to 96th Street  
New York Botanical Gardens 200th St and Southern Blvd. Bronx  
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 100 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn  
Staten Island Botanical Gardens 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island  
The Bronx Zoo Fordham Rd and Southern Blvd, Bronx  
The New York Aquarium West 8th St and Surf Ave, Coney Island  

American Museum of Natural History Central Park West at 79th Street 212-769-5800
American Museum of the Moving Image 35 Avenue at 36th Street, Astoria 718-784-0077
Belvedere ("Castle" in the Park) Central Park and 79th Street 212-772-0210
The Cloisters   212-923-3700
Cooper Hewitt Museum 2 East 91st St. (5th Ave) 212-860-6898
Frick Collection 5th Avenue & 70th Street 212-288-0700
Guggenheim Museum Soho 575 Broadway at Prince Street 212-423-3500
Hayden Planetarium (Star Quest) 81st St. and Central Park West 212-769-5920
Intrepid Sea Air/Space Museum West 46th Street at 12th Ave 212-245-0072
Jewish Museum 1109 5th Avenue 212-423-3205
Metropolitan Museum of Art 5th Avenue & 82nd Street 212-535-7710
Morgan Library Madison Avenue & 36th Street 212-685-0008
Museum of American Folk Art 2 Lincoln Square 212-959-9533
Museum of Television & Radio 25 West 52nd Street 212-621-6600
The Museum of the City of NY 1220 Fifth Avenue 212-534-1672
Museum of Holography 11 Mercer Street 212-925-0526
Museum of Modern Art 11 West 53rd Street 212-708-9480
The Smithsonian National of Museum of Design 2 East 91st Street 212-860-6898
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 1071 Fifth Avenue 212-423-3555

Comedy Clubs
Boston Comedy Club 1118 1st Avenue 212-593-1650
Improvisation 358 West 44th Street 212-765-8268
Stand-Up New York 236 West 78th Street 212-595-0850
Steve McGraw’s 158 West 72nd Street 212-595-7400
Thirteenth Street 50 West 13th Street 212-675-6677
Dangerfield’s 82 West 3rd Street 212-477-1000
Catch a Rising Star 1st Avenue & 77th Street 212-794-1906
Chicago City Limits 351 East 74th Street 212-772-8707
Comedy Cellar 117 McDougal Street 212-254-3630
Comic Strip 1568 2nd Avenue 212-861-9386

Billiard Parlors
Amsterdam Billiard Club 344 Amsterdam Avenue 212-496-8180
Broadway Billiards Unlimited Inc. 3550 Broadway 212-283-8927
Champion Inc. 131 Avenue C 212-533-3698
Chelsea Billiards 54 West 21st Street 212-989-0096
Corner Billiards 85 4th Avenue 212-995-1314
Guys and Gals Billiard Parlors 500 West 207th Street 212-567-9279
Jack’s Billiards 614 9th Avenue 212-315-5225
Julian Billiard Academy 138 East 14th Street 212-475-9338
Leisure Time Recreation 625 8th Avenue 212-268-6909
Le Q Billiards 12th Street btwn University &Bway 212-995-8512
Mammoth Billiards 220 East 86th Street 212-535-0331
Midtown Billiards 371 West 34th Street 212-564-1071
Olympia Recreation Center, Inc. 550 West 125th Street 212-752-9522
Pockets & Billiards Café 7 West 18th Street 212-727-2701
Society Billiards 10 East 21st Street 212-529-8600
Tekk Billiards 75 Christopher Street 212-463-9282
West Side Billiard Club 601 West 50th Street 212-246-1060

Other Activities
Book Stores
Barnes & Noble (Books and Cafe) Most Neighborhoods  
Horseback Riding
Clairmont Horseback Riding 175 West 89th Street 212-724-5100
Ice Skating
The Ice Studio 1034 Lexington Avenue 212-535-0304
Wollman Ice Rink 59th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave) 212-517-4800
Lasker Ice Rink South of 110th Street  
Leisure Time Bowling 42nd Street (Port Authority Terminal) 212-268-6909
Mini Golf
Putter’s Paradise 48 West 21st Street 212-727-7888

And MOVIES of course!!!

To send in your ideas & suggestions, please e-mail us at


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