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Jewish Genetic Diseases
by Yael Rosenberg, RN

Mazornet, Inc. is proud to add to its growing MazorGuide websites this very important resource and helpful information concerning Jewish Genetic Diseases. 

There are nearly 5,000 classified genetic diseases that afflict the world’s population affecting families in all ethnic, racial, and demographic groups regardless of socioeconomic status.  Certain genetic diseases occur at higher frequencies in specific ethnic, racial, or regional groups.  An extraordinary effort by Israeli genetic researchers in collaboration with Jewish and non-Jewish scientists around the globe have identified a number of inherited disorders more prevalent in the Jewish population.

The genetic diseases described on MazorGuide's Jewish Genetic Diseases are those that occur more frequently in individuals of Jewish ancestry. Thus as a service to the global Jewish community, Mazornet is gathering and compiling data regarding Jewish genetic disorders and support groups for those affected.

In addition, MazorGuide joins community leaders, health professionals, and family service organizations in recommending carrier screenings for all individuals who plan on having children.  Prevention is the first step to reduce incidence of inherited disorders.   See list of genetic screening facilities.

- Click here for list of Jewish Genetic Diseases



Jewish Genetic Disorders: A Layman's Guide: Guide to genetic disorders affecting  the Jewish population more than the non-Jewish. Includes basic facts on genetics & genetic disorders.
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