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All About Mazornet's Jewish Celebrations!
The one-stop site for all your Jewish Celebrations needs!

Jewish Celebrations is the home of the best online JEWISH CELEBRATIONS VENDOR DIRECTORY!  -- From musicians, to kosher caterers, to florists, to photographers, and much much more.!

Jewish Celebrations made its first steps on the web back in 1997.  It all began as a fun project to which bits of information about Jewish weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, holidays, and other Jewish life-cycle events were added.  Either because of seniority, or due to better content, Jewish Celebrations has climbed to the top of the major search engines -- and is currently boasting over 15,000 unique visitors every month.  And growing!

Jewish Celebrations objective is to provide top-notch Jewish Celebrations information to all Jews and people with interest in things Jewish on the internet. From the best online Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory to general information about Jewish Celebrations customs, traditions, etiquette, and more.


  • Brides, Grooms, Bar and Bat Mitzvah youth, and your family and friends - You are cordially invited to benefit from the growing databank of information on Jewish Celebrations.  If you have questions that are not answered you may contact us - at

  • Vendors and Service providers - When is the need for your expertise greater than just before a celebration? You can now reach thousands of Jewish Celebrators, Jewish brides, their mothers, sisters, and friends by joining the Jewish Celebrations Vendor Directory online. More than 15,000 unique visitors surf the Mazornet/Jewish Celebrations site every month. You should be taking advantage of the great resource.

    For just $17 per month ($199.50 per year - single state exposure), you will be included in the directory. The listing will include your name, address, email address, a link to your website, and a description of your superb services. Other listing options are available at


    • bringing together a network of service providers that specialize in Jewish Celebrations.

    • helping clients establish a business presence on the Worldwide Web

    • listing kosher restaurants and caterers throughout the United States

    • providing diverse types of internet services

    • furnishing an online Jewish Bookstore with some great discounts

    Own Your Own Website

    • a site on our server, with an address of

    • a unique domain name - such as

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    If you already have a site on the Web and are seeking more exposure and more opportunities to develop new business, we also offer a link service. Add your site to our growing list of providers
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