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Jewish Genetic Diseases
by Yael Rosenberg, RN

Mazornet, Inc. is proud to add to its growing MazorGuide websites, this very important resource and is dedicated to compile helpful information concerning Jewish Genetic Diseases.

The first step towards unraveling the mysteries behind genetic disorders is to find the problem genes. Many defective genes have been identified and work is ongoing to discover feasible methods for "cures". While investigations of genetic treatments continue, people are in a position to begin using the current facts for their benefit. 

There are nearly 4,000 genetic diseases known that afflict the world’s population. However, in almost every ethnic, racial, or demographic group, certain genetic diseases occur at higher frequencies among their members than in the general population. Such is the case for the Jewish people.

The genetic diseases described on MazorGuide's Jewish Genetic Diseases are disorders which occur more frequently in individuals of Jewish ancestry. Most diseases are severely incapacitating and some are tragically debilitating, leading to death in infancy or early childhood. Tay-Sachs may be the most recognized of the lot, but other diseases, just as prevalent and just as devastating, shatter the lives of Jewish families.

Children and adults with a rare genetic disease have multiple needs to address: health concerns, primarily, but others as well. As a service to the global Jewish community, Mazornet is committed to gathering and compiling data about Jewish genetic disorders. More importantly, the MazorGuide Website’s mission is to serve as the ultimate information resource by surfacing areas of assistance online and in the real world. It is not MazorGuide’s intent to choose resources, but rather to make support information and resources of any kind available to the people and to the families afflicted by these diseases. There is hope, and there is help.



Jewish Genetic Disorders: A Layman's Guide: Guide to genetic disorders affecting  the Jewish population more than the non-Jewish. Includes basic facts on genetics & genetic disorders.
Books: Jewish Genetic Diseases



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